بیکار بودم اومدم وبلاگ زدم ۲

It is true.. in the 21st Century

Our communication – Wireless
Our telephone - Cordless
Our cooking Fire less
Our youth - Jobless
Our Ladies - Topless
Our food - Fat less
Our labor - Effortless
Our conduct - Worthless
Our relation - Loveless
Our attitude - Careless
Our feelings - Heartless
Our politics - Shameless
Our education - Valueless
Our follies - Countless
Our arguments - Baseless
Our boss -Brainless
Our Job - Thankless
Our Salary - Less and less
یگانه خانم هم این ها رو اضافه کردن ..

Our people - Hopeless
Our life - Causeless
Our Packet - Penniless
Our Country - all of the above attributes